day trip to Siena from Florence

Siena & San Gimignano Tour

General description: taking this tour will be like being catapulted back in time a thousand years and more, thus reliving the glories of the medieval period, but without renouncing to the comforts, and conveniences, that the current time makes available to us. Both, to the tourists who come here for their first time and those who instead is usually coming, San Gimignano offers a kind of unequivocal charm and architectural interest. The Manhattan of Tuscany, as has recently been dubbed precisely this village, it has a high number of medieval towers, all within the walls, which ascribe a skyline absolutely unique. Siena is then one of the nine remaining cities of Tuscany, which also boasts an artistic interest in all respect. The church of Santa Maria della Scala, better known as the Duomo, is one of the major attractions, with the obvious Piazza del Campo, which is the square shaped like a shell where twice a year is made the Palio. For all that has been mentioned and its convenient proximity to Florence, from the list of the tours we offer this is the most requested.

Lenght: 8 hours about

            4 hours if only Siena or San Gimignano

Departure: recommended 9.00am/10.00am

Detailed description: the enchanting experience of living history which are imbued with the sites listed will certainly not leave you indifferent, therefore insensitive to what each individual wall, building, column, or porch has seen during the course of the centuries. The towers that now we can count in San Gimignano are thirteen, yes it is still a very respectable number, but nothing compared to what it looked like in the Middle Ages when there were seventy-two! Despite the beauty and innocence of this country remain unaffected. Very important is also the production of Vernaccia, one of the few respectable white wines produced in our territory, from the moment that this is precisely famous for the wide variety of reds. Who says Siena says Palio! The attachment of the Sienese therefore to this event is indescribable. Anyone who born in the old part of the city becomes a member of one of the seventeen districts in which this is divided over the years and then develops a more or less strong feeling for his fact of belonging and therefore the people that constitutes it. The apotheosis is then reached on July 2 and then replicated on August 16, when the Palio is staged. Ten of the seventeen districts in fact compete with horses and jockeys in a race to the death just around the square. About the architecture here is purely medieval style. Along the winding streets and alleys we find some of the historic buildings as if by magic within them stand out beautiful gardens and courtyards full of life. Outside the walls, everything changes. The surrounding countryside is in fact the area where the old generation farmers and modern entrepreneurs still grow some products, such as artichokes, zucchini, black cabbage, white beans and many others, these all used to give authenticity to the food daily consumed on the boards.

On request: customization of the tour according to clients' request, visit of a specific winery


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