Outlet & Shopping Tour

General description: the way to make shopping without spending a capital is here! At Leccio and Barberino del Mugello in fact there are the outlets of Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Loro Piana and more, where it is then possible to just buy their products while saving quite a bit! For anyone who is interested in this the enchanting landscape all around will only be an added value, the fact remains that will help to brighten the elapsed time between a shop and another.

Length: 4 hours minimum

Departure: recommended 9.30am/3.00pm

Detailed description: since the fashion turns out to be one of the most important business upon which the Florentine economy, it is quite normal, but not quite obvious, that the city offers the opportunity to buy products of the biggest designers, but putting attention to one very important side, namely the savings. The Mall and Barberino Outlet Village are therefore the two centers where a large concentration of brands known all over the world, from the most classical to the most casual, decided to sell their garments to the customers by spending much less than in the store. Forty minutes is the time needed to reach The Mall, the best known of the above cited two, where a vast amount of shops here will satisfy the urge to shop and saving at least 40% of the full price. If the time required for the realization of your desires will be longer than expected, you can also have lunch at the restaurant inside the center, or a quicker snack at the bar always impeccably furnished. A stop at The Mall and then the rest of the day spent all around the Chianti is what can be comfortably done. Since that area, renowned for its beauty and variety of olive oil and wine tastings, is only thirty minutes from where exactly you are, it is advised not to miss the opportunity to match the taste of dressing so that eating and drinking.

On request: customization of the tour according to clients' request, visit of specific winery

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