Massa e Carrara

Carrara & Marble Quarries Tour

General description: difficult, very difficult to describe in words, is what you can see by choosing to do this tour. The finished product is of course famous throughout the world, much less known, even unimaginable, it is instead what is behind the scene. The impact with the Apuan Alps is already quite impressive at first sight, therefore in line with what these such big mountains lie within them, where a world unknown to the vast majority of people has been existing for centuries. Then there is the story of the Colonnata's lardo.....

Length: 9 hours about

Departure: recommended 8.00am

Detailed description: starting the tour from Florence in about two hours we arrive at Carrara, where a short break is enough to visit the central square and the area all around. We are going to then take a secondary road toward Colonnata, which begins to climb up the mountain. Just reached Fantiscritti we stop as this is the point where the tour of the quarry at 11.00am begins. Here you will visit the interior of the hollow, of course with local authorized and trained staff, so going to fill your eyes with unique images in the world. Inside the mountain, which is where most of the marble that we see around buildings, monuments and even private homes is extracted, everything has a huge size. Everything here is huge! Nothing to do with all what we are used to confront every day. Quickly you will get used to think in this dimension, this of course only for the duration of your stay, then head back to the more common reality, going to visit the top of the mountain right where the village of Colonnata is placed. Another product of this area, which is also famous throughout the world, is exactly the lardo, a local specialty obtained spicing and aging then the lardo in marble containers, proudly handed down from generation to generation. Returning to Florence, on request then there will be the option to make a stop in Lucca, Tuscany city of immense value, why would therefore be a pity not to see it.

On request: customization of the tour according to clients' request, Pisa, Lucca

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