Day trips to Pisa from Florence

Pisa & Lucca Tour

General description: a tower that leans, leans, much just in Pisa we can find it! For more than eight centuries, this monument symbolizes the city. In the same place, or Square of Miracles, we can also admire the Baptistery, the Monumental Cemetery and the Cathedral which the Leaning Tower is its bell tower. Only half an hour drive from Pisa there is Lucca. The walled city! Built all on one level, this beautiful town is very handy to see and shoot in any direction. While still maintaining the original appearance intact, besides attracting tourists from all the world, Lucca hosts many events of great importance, first of all Lucca Jazz Festival. Since the inside of the walls is entirely pedestrian is not a chance that you may experience therefore more bicycles than people on foot.

Lenght: 8 hours about

            4 hours if only Pisa or Lucca

Daparture: recommended 9.00am/10.00am

Detailed description: during its ancient history and then medieval one Pisa has been a city very rich and powerful. During the period of its greatest splendor has arrived to control the lands of Sardinia, the Balearic Islands and Corsica. Therefore this its popularity and wealth have made sure that a cathedral was built so impressive, as impressive are the Baptistery and the Leaning Tower. All these works are entirely built in white marble so that reflect the light in an amazing way, especially in the days of full sun. After a long period of fourteen years, the time required for a complete restoration, everything is back to shine like the original and the tower was reopened to the public as well. Unfortunately, the wait times are long and regulated by constant interval, because of that is not always possible to climb up to the top, while it is suggested to visit the Baptistery and the Cathedral. The SS 12, a very charming way to go with the car, drives us through the mountains and then lets finish our trip just outside the walls of Lucca. This is a very short trip, thirty minutes only, but very interesting and suggestive, since you climb for a few miles on Monte Serra thus having the opportunity to see the beautiful view of the plain of Pisa. The massive wall around the old city, besides being already beautiful and majestic in itself, has the distinction of being not too high but rather wide, so that a real road to all intents and purposes it is right on top of it. Here a maze of streets and lanes will open to your view, which will make you discover all the secrets of this wonderful city. After visiting countless squares, churches, picturesque gorges and maybe even some shop craftsman, a break in one of the many restaurants in the city will give you the right energy to complete your tour and maybe recommend it to your relatives and friends.

On request: customization of the tour according with the client's request

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