Ferrari museum tour from Florence

Ferrari Museum Tour

General description: Ferrari .... and you might as well say no more! Who loves motoring and engines in general will be very satisfied when he visits the Museum of the Little Horse. Thrusters thirsty of gasoline as camels in the desert and countless other objects, first of all cars and Formula 1 Sport Production, will carry within you the passion and the feeling of someone who has committed his life chasing the dream ..... and has achieved!

Length: 8 hours about

Departure: recommended 8.00am/9.00am

Detailed description: fortunately Maranello, the town where the Ferrari factory and museum are located, is less than two hours from Florence. Crossing the Apennine mountains you can enjoy a truly impressive scenery, added value for those anyway, choosing to do this tour, proves to be interested in a different kind of things. Once in Maranello then the music played is totally different. The mighty roar of the Ferrari engines here echoes in every corner. Cars hundred thousand Euros expensive pass as children in front of the school. Needless to say that red is the predominant color in this village. But not any red but a Ferrari Red!
Beside the factory there is a museum displaying many of the classic cars of Formula 1, Sport Production Championship and also old specimens participating in the Mille Miglia.
Inside the museum you can also buy gadgets of all kinds, in addition to admire pieces of the cars cut in its entirety.
Opposite the museum there is the Fiorano test track where Ferrari are running their own private testing. The track is closed to the public but there's a point where you can see what is happening inside.
And if you do not want to buy a Ferrari but you still want to drive's not a problem, as in the square outside the museum there is the Test Drive where anyone with a driving license can do it!
So there is nothing left to wish....have fun !

On request: customization of the tour according to clients' request

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