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Pienza & Montalcino Tour

General description: choosing to do this tour we are going to find an unique association between nature and man's work. In fact the whole area south of Siena, reaching near Montalcino, has the distinction of being the ideal for the cultivation of cereals and forage, so the appearance of the landscape that follows is totally different from that of Chianti where there vineyards and olive trees fill the entire available space. Therefore the economy is of another nature, so the two areas are so impossible to compare, as they are radically different in fact. Long roads, completely dotted with cypress trees, mark the way to the homes of shepards, which produce one of the most famous cheeses of our country and not only. These above mentioned housing as resting carefully on the hills that seem to be made of papiermache, magically act as guardians of all this vast and pleasant area, where anyone who would find himself to cross even a small part of it, can not escape from remaining entranced and inebriated.

Length: 9 hours about

Departure: recommended 9.00am

Detailed description: completely different from the rest of the territory, but not second to anyother according to interest and beauty, the area where the villages of Montalcino and Pienza are located gives, to every single person who appreciates nature and taste the flavors, full satisfaction and contentment. All of this is in terms of gastronomic interest precisely that landscape. The Val d'Orcia and Val d'Arbia from the top of the villages are what we can see and admire. In Montalcino is certainly not to miss the visit of the fortress which is in the upper part of the village from where the surrounding view is total. Both inside and along the streets of the old part not certainly shortage of shops selling local products, first of all Brunello. A good glass of red nectar therefore will help to make this village remain forever engraved in your heart and then your palate. Half an hour of driving is enough at this point to reach Pienza. The road that winds through the rolling hills of the Crete Senesi offers stunning views to repeat. Many of the riders of the Palio here live and raise horses. Once in Pienza everything changes, but not the magic of the moment. Indeed this feeling of wellbeing and pleasure that is added to the unmistakable aroma of pecorino cheese produced here and exported all over the world! From within the village, which is the old part, you can see the picture of the Val d'Orcia and Monte Amiata fact that it fills the background. Together with you, the main protagonists of this tour so will be Brunello and Pecorino, these masterfully harmonized in a unique and incomparable context.

On request: customization of the tour according to clients' request, visit of specific winery, San'Antimo, Montepulciano

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