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Wayne and Christine Horne - 6/1/2015 - AUSTRALIA
We have arrived home in Australia and have been reminiscing about our wonderful time in Florence and that the day we spent with you was such a highlight. We really enjoyed travelling to the Ducati Factory and Museum in Bologna and then onto Tavullia - Valentino Rossi's home town. Mille Grazie!! Thank you again for your friendliness, professionalism and service. It was excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Ciao!

Sarah Ruth and family - 11/12/2014 - SOUTH AFRICA
Hello Marco, we have just come back home, but our hearth we have dropped in your country. We have been very lucky with the weather for all the time spent in your region so has been possible for us to enjoy everything at the most, but even more important has been to meet such a nice people like you and everybody else. Thank you.....we love Italy!!!

Peter and Sonya Harris - 10/29/2014 - UNITED KINGDOM
Thank you for being so nice and patience with us. It was very important to have a very flexible driver and very kind as well. All the places where you took us were simple fantastic and it was so interesting to see how you know everybody in there and everybody loved you. The wine that we ordered arrived a week later, but just because the strike of the local transportation company, and at the end this thing was good otherwise it would already be finished! Every drop we drank the memory of the Chianti area came back. We had such a great day. One more time.....thank you!

Paul Marrazzo - 10/11/2014 - U.S.A.
When a little detail makes the difference.....if a driver can be called like this. My wife and I still laugh like two crazy people when we talk about the story of your australian customers. Take care to you and all your family.

Oliver and Sarah Jenkins - 8/12/2014 - U.S.A.
Hello great driver! The next time, when we will be in Arezzo, we will contact you again. My children and I don't want to miss the Ferrari Factory as we did this time! See you next June!

Frank Boyle - 4/2/2014 - U.S.A.
Hello Marco, with your happiness and knowledge you made our trip terrific! Thank you so much!

Robert Campagna - 10/11/2013 - U.S.A.
Marco, coming back to my great-grandparents' home was an experience impossible to tell to anybody! What I felt much. I am still excited and every time I mention it I get goosebumps!!! We loved you and all your arrangement which made possible to find the house. Thank you so much!!!

Oliver and Samantha Scarrow - 10/1/2013 - U.S.A.
Delicious food, excellent wine, spectacular scenery and a great driver....this is what we had the day we decided to spend in Chianti area! Thank you for having made our day memorable! Say hello to your family and remember to come to visit us in San Francisco!

Albert McKinney - 9/2/2013 - AUSTRALIA
Time with you was simply great! We really appreciated your kindness and knowledgeable. We will recommend to two friends of us who will come next February in Italy. Thank you!

Abigail and Nethaniel Garnick - 7/11/2013 - U.S.A.
Hi Marco,it's Abigail and Nathaniel from our day trip in Chianti. Thank you again for a fabulous experience! We loved visiting all of the small towns and wineries. We will email you next time we are here and we can take another tour. Thanks again!

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