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A selection of exclusive wine tours in Tuscany with driver


Arranging for an exclusive wine tours in Tuscany can be a daunting task but with proper research you will get a tour company which is ready to make the necessary arrangement to ensure that you enjoy the trip.Visitors to Tuscany have a choice of taking a bus or train to wine villages or opt for a hired car with a driver. Choosing a to take the trip with a driver not only gives the visitors the kind of comfort needed but also ensures that they enjoy every bit of the tour. All that you need to find is a licensed Tuscany wine tour Chauffeured car and start of a learning and entertaining trip. The driver will serve as the guide of the day. The fact that the person who is taking you there and the car is licensed you will be allowed to visit areas where public transport and other unauthorized cars are not allowed to venture.
The first stop should take you to Chianti; where apart from the wine tasting visitors will be able to sample historical architecture along the way. A full day visit to Chianti countryside will give the visitors a chance to savor selected wine production companies as well as discover what this village has to offer in terms of quality wines. They range from the traditional to the most exotic reds. Although the trip is exclusively a wine tour, you can also sample the virgin oil as well as the Tuscan foods.
The exclusive driven wine tour will not be complete without a visit to Montalcino ,a town which is famous with wine making. The town is known for the production of quality wine. Getting here will not only help you in understanding how this town stands out in wine making but also get a chance to sample the best. On the way to Montalcino you will make a stop at Brunello Vineyard where cellars and oak barrels awaits you. Here you will also get a chance to taste Brunello di Montalcino,the finest wine this side of Tuscany. You will also be taken through the vineyard to learn more about grape farming, this will help you appreciate the wine making process. For those who would like to meet the owners of the finest wineries, arrangement can be made. This will give the visitors a chance to learn more about their favorite drinks.

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